Destination Wedding in Rishikesh

The right venue for the right reasons : Destination Wedding

Rattapani Resort is surrounded by beautiful valley views. We offer destination weddings in Rishikesh Because of the picturesque beauty of the jungles & Nature doesn't have to do much more than show off the property’s beauty and personal service to make its way to the top of shortlisting of idyllic places to host destination weddings at Rishikesh. Every ceremony and/or reception held at Rattapani Resort is customized to meet the wishes of the bride and groom.

Destination Wedding in Rishikesh

Why Destination Wedding in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

  1. Rishikesh is a popular destination for yoga, meditation and adventure sports.
  2. Scenic riverside location with the Ganges river.
  3. Several resort and hotel options for weddings and events.
  4. Availability of outdoor and indoor wedding venues.
  5. Experienced wedding planners and vendors in the area.
  6. A cultural and spiritual atmosphere.
  7. Adventure activities (e.g. white water rafting, bungee jumping) for wedding guests.
  8. Natural beauty, including waterfalls and forests.
  9. Religious and historical sites, including ashrams and temples.
  10. Accessibility from major cities (e.g. Delhi, Haridwar) by road and air.

Why choose Rattapani Resort for destination wedding in Rishikesh

  1. Ideal location for a scenic and peaceful wedding
  2. Experienced and dedicated wedding planners
  3. Customizable wedding packages and event spaces
  4. High-end amenities and luxurious accommodations
  5. Range of indoor and outdoor venues with beautiful views
  6. Wide range of dining options and excellent cuisine
  7. Activities for wedding guests such as yoga, adventure sports and more
  8. Exceptional service and hospitality
  9. Surrounded by natural beauty, including the Himalayas and the Ganges river.
  10. Conveniently located for easy accessibility from major cities.

Say “yes,” and your venue choice will be breathtaking : Rattapani Resort

A destination wedding in Rishikesh, India is a wedding ceremony that takes place in a location outside the couple's hometown. Rishikesh is a popular destination for weddings due to its scenic beauty, religious significance and peaceful atmosphere. It is often considered a spiritual hub and attracts many visitors seeking spiritual enlightenment and adventure activities. The wedding is usually held at a resort, hotel or an outdoor venue such as a beach or riverbank, with guests traveling from different locations to attend. It is often a more intimate and unique event compared to traditional weddings.

Having built a strong reputation as one of the dream wedding planners, Ratanpani Resort provides you with professional, reliable and convenient wedding planning services. From organizing your wedding events to coordinating every activity, we take care of every detail. We not only serve you with beautiful concepts for an extraordinary wedding, but we also make sure to take you out of all the tough situations you may face while arranging your ceremonies.

Safety should never be a concern, no matter how many guests you invite to your destination, to meet hygienic standards soon after the tourism industry issued its COVID mandate.

Destination Wedding - A Perfect Destination to Tie the Knot

Here the bride and groom can enjoy the comforts they want in a luxurious ambiance. Apart from this, Rishikesh is also known for its stunning natural beauty, which adds to its charm.

Rishikesh must be a beautiful place for dream destination wedding which is available at Rattapani resort. This resort is on the river banks and has parking facilities, all kinds of food are also available here, there is 24*7 electricity. You will enjoy having a dream destination wedding at Rattapani Resort.

Destination Wedding in Rishikesh price : Budget and Packages

In a wedding, budget is the biggest concern of the families involved. Hosting a wedding that costs a lot is quite difficult. When you hire the best wedding planner Ratanpani Resort, you get in-depth knowledge, valuable insights and proper guidance. We organize your budget in such a way that all aspects of your wedding are given the necessary attention. Call Us for Budget and Planning   OR +91- 9458911732

Why Rishikesh for destination weddings?

Rishikesh is a magical place for destination weddings. Weddings can take place in a quiet manner on this serene holy island, without much hustle and bustle. What better way than to enter into a marriage in the holy and holy city of Rishikesh and soon have a glimpse of the holy river of Ganges? Your marriage in this holy and serene city of spiritual beauty will shower blessings and good wishes. Rishikesh serves as a perfect place for couples to enter the new and most beautiful phase. Destination weddings in Rishikesh are proving to be a hit and many people are opting for it these days.

Rishikesh can be a perfect place for weddings for the Hindu couples who are looking to tie the knot in the most sacred and beautiful way. Getting married in this beautiful land of the earth will enrich the bond between the couple with the number of holy blessings that can be found in this serene land.

Why Rattapani Resort for destination wedding in Rishikesh ?

  • 15+ Years Experience - We’ve done the research, invested the time and taken the journeys, all so you can enjoy a stress free wedding planning journey.
  • 1st Class Service - Our team at Rattapani Resort has one goal in mind: to make the planning & coordination of your Destination Wedding as simple & as stress-free as possible.
  • Trusted Suppliers - We are constantly striving to source suppliers who provide exceptional quality, reputed, trustworthy and value for money. We don't believe in dealing with suppliers who triple their price when you hear the word "marriage".
  • Opens the Doors To Creativity - Destination Wedding opens up various venues for wedding decorations to people according to the theme, venue, location and their preferences. Your heart can make whatever it wants. Everything you have dreamed of for your big day can be brought to life.
  • Affordable - Destination weddings are proving to be a hit and many people are opting for it these days.
  • Government registered resort - We are registered with Uttrakhand Tourism.
  • Admittance to epic landscapes - Our resort displays a closer connection with nature and we have got some great views of nature for those who crave for the soothing countryside.
  • Free parking available - We have parking available at camp at no extra charge. You don’t have to walk as your vehicle will come just in front of camp.
  • CCTV Surveillance - Our entire property is under CCTV Surveillance. With Only One Entry & Exit Point so Safe for Females Travelling Alone & Families.

  • How to reach Rishikesh?

    Rishikesh can be reached by air (nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun), train (nearest railway station is Rishikesh railway station) or by road (it is well connected to major cities in India via National Highways and state highways).